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Our service hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


1. How to add my server and how ranking works?

To add your site or server first you must Register then go to 'Account' and click 'Add Server'. All sites and servers shown on our top are ranked by the number of Unique Votes received. Those with more votes get a higher rank and usually receive more visitors. Unique Visits and Total Visits are views of your site or server page plus the number or redirects to your website or the number of clicks on your server IP. Not all views are generated by players, new servers get crawled by search engines also.

2. How can I improve my server's rank on topsite?

The main way to get a higher rank is by voting. You should to add our Voting Code on your website so your players can vote. The second way is to upgrade your account to VIP Membership. This will give up to 50 extra votes one time and will boost your listing rank. More details here or following to this guide. Also you should Share your site or server page using the social buttons. It will increase your page visibility and will attract more visitors who can also vote directly on the page for you.

3. How often can I vote for my site or server?

We reset votes every 24 hours so you and your players may vote twice every day. There will be no warning or notification in case you try to re-vote earlier and the vote won't count.

4. How and from were do I get my Voting Code?

In 'Account' in 'My Servers', click on your server and go to Get banners. Click on get code and customize your banner to your liking. Then copy your HTML or BB Code and put this on your website. Tell us via Twitter to @top_servers_mc in private message format as you have your banner on your website. Send us your URL where the banner is located and you will receive 30 extra votes for your server. You will be notified when this option is made.